IDC Link: Xerox e le tendenze di mercato

IDC Link: Xerox e le tendenze di mercato

In a recent briefing with IDC, Xerox executives discussed key market trends associated with managed print and document services. This snapshot outlines Xerox's perspective on these trends and how it is capitalizing on them. It also provides a summary of Xerox's managed print services (MPS) offering.


Trends Compass
Key Xerox directions in revenue, geography, selling and product evolution include:

  • From a revenue perspective, the company reported 6% growth in the Services segment for 2012, with strong performance in business process outsourcing (BPO), IT outsourcing (ITO) and document outsourcing (DO) services (including MPS.)
  • Xerox is seeing significant growth in its MPS channel partner program, both in the US and globally.
  • Xerox is seeing evidence of cloud based IT outsourcing (ITO) linkage to MPS and expansion of Business Process Automation (BPA).
  • Xerox’s MPS Document Services Framework is structured in a continuum that links Print Services, User Services, and Business Process Automation over a base of common, integrated tools, technology, and scalable infrastructure that allows both Xerox and its channel partners to configure offerings to the unique requirements of each business.



The Xerox MPS continuum is a suite of configurable services for print management, user management, and business process management. Many of the services share core functionality but are structured and packaged in such a way as to allow both Xerox and its partners to right-size a solution for small-to-medium businesses all the way to a global enterprise. Xerox offers four packages of services:

  • Xerox Remote Print Services (XRPS) is what IDC classifies as Basic Print Services (basic supplies management and break/fix service) and can be delivered both by Xerox and its channel partners to small businesses or the enterprise.
  • Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS), Xerox Print Services (XPS), and Enterprise Print Services (EPS) are full MPS offerings that share the MPS Document Framework technology and infrastructure, but are scaled for delivery to businesses of different size, and via different channels. XPPS is delivered to the SMB and mid-market via channel partners. Both XPS and EPS are delivered to the enterprise by Xerox and its large alliance partners such as Cisco, Computer Sciences Corporation, and others.
  • Whether purchased from a Xerox direct sales team or through a Xerox partner, all three of these configurable service packages allow access to the full catalog of Xerox services


IDC BuyerPulse Research Manager Terry Frazier contributed to this research report.


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Da oltre mezzo secolo, Xerox è leader nella tecnologia e nei servizi documentali. Continua a crescere basandosi su questo retaggio di innovazione ed oggi é uno dei leader mondiali nei sistemi di gestione documentale.

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